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Welcome from Bedroom Records, This page contains the history of Richmond Cali's first hiphop dj and group.

The group started out as DMX(Dance Music Experts)in 1988. It was a group of local dj's that came together to start mixing as one unit. DMX was inspired by the mix djs of KDAY radio in LOS ANGELES.

Every Saturday night DJ Parker,Cool Cory,Spoonie C and Mike Roy would get together tune in there AM radio to 1580 and hope that it would fade into the bay area that week so they could here the mix.

Also at that time Cool Cory and Mike Roy had three relatives that were working in the bay area as djs. Sir Mixalot,Sir Que,and King Tim were already making moves djing at local clubs.

King Tim was also known as Tim Moore from the Fremont,ca. night club PHASE3, later known as STARGAZE. Tim use take Cool cory and Mike Roy with him to the club and sneak them in. That worked perfect for them and at a young age put them in a position to meet all the local Bay Area up in coming rapper.

Tim first hooked a up with a piano musician who work at a local dj store named Greg. They worked out some things together and eventually Greg became known as Shock G "Humpty Hump", also in that same year Tim through a skate party in San Leandro. A local kid showed up and rock the mic that night, his name Todd Smith "too Short".

About a year later Tim went to Starlight Studios with this guy called the holy ghost B-boy, This guy later sold millions of records and became known as MC Hammer.

These were goodtimes in the Bay because the hip hop scene was just starting. In 1985 Cool cory hooked up with some local guys and started djing block parties and battling other local cats. This was the beginning of DMX (Dance Music Experts) first up was to get a name so the group started selling mixtapes in Junior High and High School.

There were other groups in Richmond also coming up Alamo and Spooky p from the Globe boys, No limit records Master P and the creator of the phrase,"Playa Hater" Philthy Phil.

Were all starting to rap on the street. Also at that time there were two underground artist on the same level as too short Calvin T and Majic Mike. Cool Cory also hooked his group up and created DMX Blackswan,Cool Cory, BSmooth,RobParker,Spoonie C,ROb LOVE (RJ Havack),mic roy,The eighth wonder and Will.

Cool Cory took a job at JONES & HARRis RECORDS a local records store and started selling mixtapes all over the city. During this time the small mom and pop records store was becoming its own mini giant in the industry. This was one of the first stores in the country to get soundscan and started reporting directly to Billboard the national record charting company.

With this new growth and dj Fear working there the store was able to pull in all type of artist from "Ready for the world" to "Epmd". The artist would stop by to promote there new releases and dj fear was there to meet the stars. To this day people see fear and remember his face but can't remember where they no him from.

While at the store dj fear hooked up with Marc snowden aka B-smooth. Together they started mapping out a plan to get known in the area. The two them went and sat with Kenny Carter that's correct from the movie and started to learn from KC how to run a business.

The complete story will be coming soon!



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The New album is here dj Fear presents "extented power". E.P is his first break beat release with many flava mixed together. The ablum is a full introducton into the world of dj fear. Order your copy now.